December 3, 2006 at 7:16 pm | Posted in 3D, creator, faith, fractal, hypothesis, immanence, intersection, mandelbrot, phenomena, science, transcendence | 22 Comments

Strange bedfellows / an odd couple, or is it just me? Having faith in God is often challenged as being unscientific so, how does one live with ones faith in a transcendent God while accepting science as meaningful?

Somehow I have a feeling that the wrong questions are being asked. What could be more natural than to believe in God as creator and sustainer of everything in the universe if this is indeed true? God works and that’s why the universe works. But then science should be able to test this hypothesis and prove it one way or the other.

Some scientists demand that they should be able to test any hypothesis to see if it is workable and to determine if it is the best hypothesis to explain whatever phenomena are being studied. This too may be a false start. I don’t believe that God is a studiable ‘phenomenon’. I don’t see any reason why he should be, do you?

To my mind, the fact that there is matter and the fact that there is energy and the fact that there is time and … all point me to God. Things are there to be studied and there to be understood only because God made it so.

This is an unusual post for this blog. Very abstract. But, very important. It’s important because I see two disturbing tendencies. One is to make science and God adversaries, the other is to say that these are two separate worlds of thought that do not intersect. The consequences of either approach is bound to be poor science and a god who occupies the scientific gaps. neither this science nor this god have any worth!


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