Jason’s New Word

July 6, 2007 at 7:45 am | Posted in differant, Jason Hesiak, new word, viscesious | 6 Comments

My good friend and internet interlocutor Jason Hesiak has created a word and that word was just too good to pass up! It is not found in the Online Dictionary and Google has only two instances, both of which track right back to Jason himself:


So what does this word mean? Is it related perhaps to visceral? Or, could it be something quite Differant? What could the other forms of this word be?

Weigh in with your ideas and suggestions please!


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  1. Interestingly…just as all the tag links by which you’ve characterized ths post refer straight back to the post itself.

    Transcendental Actualism, dude…from the moment I concieved of the word, I had Deleuze in mind as a reference. Its a “signifier with no signified.” Its like the bastard marginal cousin to the flog. It has taken on its own life, but it is an “empty signifier” to the more celebrated cousin so adoringly named “facetious.”

    Do not fear, however. The party is not over. The wine may APPEAR to have run out. All we must do is turn a little water to wine, and voila! Add a little varieticious spice to our lives, and thus enters the entertaining variant, “vacetious.” Apparently there is a comedic foreign flourist who enjoys that word enough to make lots of music by its name:


  2. Jason, as the originator of this juicy new word you o get to do the honours!
    I’m placing “varieticious spice” and related to differently facetious as the main meanings.

    I’m am absolutely certain that water will soon be turned into wine, saving the bast for last so from now on you better post up your own new words in The Golden Ass!

  3. Gee Sam,

    Isn’t that word some kind of technical description of your Cholesterol?

    Sams Cholesterol was quite varieticious in quality .. Nurse ? Pass the stent..quickly.


  4. Ivan, Hmm – coming to ‘viscous’ perhaps and that associated with oil, hence cholesterol? Now the etymological philology is really starting to get interesting!

  5. Sign of a great new word is it not having an alterative in the spell checker!


  6. So, we finally ended up with an interesting range of ideas for “viscesious”.
    1. Facetious
    2. Viscous

    1. Vicious

    1. Varieticious
    2. Vecetious

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