AND Health for ALL ?

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“Er, where are we, exactly?” – Don’t you see, that will be our cue to set up a government body to direct clinical practice. Initially, of course, with relatively few guidelines. Most doctors probably wouldn’t even notice that they were no longer autonomous. At first. Sir Bartholomew had stood and was preparing to leave. As he pulled on his gloves he continued, “The important thing is, doctors would have to practise according to government instructions. Then it would simply be a case of changing the guidelines so that by degrees they become less orientated towards simplistic notions of what patients need and more orientated towards what government can afford.” Doctors’ autonomy – satire on the UK’s National Health Service – British Medical Journal, Dec 19, 1998 by David Orchard The world famous British NHS – National Health Service seems to be on the rocks.

In a not-so-surprising development, America’s closest equivalent – the VA (Veterans Administration) health network is also heading North.

In both cases, these outstandingly effective health initiatives are being systematically torpedoed by their respective governments.

If you value your health and the health of future generations, don’t let the pharma – insurance – neocon lobby win!

*** The patient refused autopsy.

Troubles Unheard of

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Having been born and brought up in Africa, the fact that the wolrld’s worst and least reported human disasters are all African was a rude shock. I fondly remember peace and humanism as the face of the Africa that I love. It brings to mind the title of a famous African tale “Cry, the Beloved Country”.

1) War in Democratic Republic of Congo that has claimed at least 10 times as many lives as the December tsunami.”It’s the worst humanitarian tragedy since the Holocaust,” said John O’Shea, chief executive of Irish relief agency GOAL. “The greatest example on the planet of man’s inhumanity to man.” Almost half of those polled–including leftwing intellectual Noam Chomsky–nominated Congo, citing the brutality of an ugly, tangled war that has killed nearly 4 million people since 1998.”The human suffering is mind-boggling,” said Lindsey Hilsum, international editor for Britain’s Channel 4 News. “The wickedness and cruelty of the armed men who kill and maim and rape defies belief.” The images that emerge are too horrible to print.

2) The details of northern Uganda’s 18-year war, ranked second in the AlertNet poll, are just as shocking. More than 20,000 children have been abducted by a cult-like rebel group and forced to serve as soldiers and sex slaves, while most of the population in the conflict zone have been forced from their homes into squalid camps. “Like many people, I didn’t have any idea of the scale of this conflict” says Hollywod star Helen Mirren.

3) Sudan, where Africa’s longest-running civil war has raged for two decades in the south and almost two years of atrocities in the western Darfur region have raised the spectre of genocide. “Darfur has slipped from the front pages, but the situation there is again going from terrible to being absolutely horrendous,” U.N. relief coordinator Jan Egeland said. In addition the situation in Western Africa and in Zimbabwe are threatening to wreak even more havoc from statrvation and threatened civil wars.

CADENZA Update 1

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Individually experienced but as a unit, babies…Some months of production experience under our belt, the bugs have been handled, we have expanded our workforce, and our reputation is slowly growing as a competent, quality and time conscious, production force.

Cadenza is maturing fast and is ready to try some new compositions!
We are excited by the appreciation of our clients and we have increased our capacity to take on more work.

Here’s an invitation to all “out there” – if you know of anyone who needs quality MT work, please do get in touch!

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