What is a Bartramia?

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What’s a Bartramia?

One of my favourite mosses and not to be confused with an endangered bird of similar nomen (the upland sandpiper) Bartramia is a glorious soft green colour that can really bring life to a dull day!

Here are some pics:

I first became aware of the mosses, liverworts and hornworts (not to mention lichens!) at a course on ‘lower’ plant morphology taught by Professor Jerry A. Snider (now emeritus) at the University of Cincinnati. A very big thanks to you sir!

And a bit about Bartramia’s features:

The North American species:
Bartramia (genus) – Bartramiaceae (family)

4. BARTRAMIA Hedwig, Sp. Musc. 164. 1801, conserved name * [for the Pennsylvania colonist, John Bartram]

Plants small to robust, in loose to dense, soft or rigid tufts, dull green to glaucous, sometimes yellowish or yellowish brown above.

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